Design Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger


If you’re unhappy with a small bathroom in your home, you don’t need to tear the whole thing apart and rebuild it to make it feel newer, fresher, and bigger. Despite there being limited room, there are plenty of design ideas you can implement in your bathroom to create the illusion of more space. And best of all, your options don’t have to cost you a fortune. These improvements for the different aspects of your bathroom are simple, yet effective.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Options to Help Maximize Your Space

To help your bathroom appear bigger, you can alter its:

  • Lighting – If your bathroom is dark and dingy, it can make the already-small space feel even more cramped. Adding more light or simply choosing an alternative to your current lighting fixtures can brighten up the room and shed light on the full area to make it look more spacious. If you pick lighting options that don’t take up any counter space, that’s an added bonus.
  • Colors – Whether it’s the wall paint, wallpaper, or flooring, color is something to consider. Softer color schemes can make the room look bigger, but you don’t have to sacrifice vibrant colors completely. Your towels, bath rugs, and other accessories can still be colorful to complement the softer colors.
  • Vanity – A large vanity area can be the biggest culprit of making a bathroom seem smaller than it is. You can make the most of your space by having your sink mounted on the wall or going with a pedestal style. You’ll need to find storage space elsewhere, but there are creative and practical options out there to maximize the room’s floor space.
  • Accessories – Knickknacks and decorations can certainly add to the bathroom’s look and feel, but consider minimizing them in order to make the room less cluttered.

Remodeling Your Small Bathroom With Frey Construction

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