The Busy Spring Season


Spring is almost here right? I always say, our spring season starts March 15th. That is when the rain starts to thaw the frozen ground and the grass thinks of turning green.

This is when our busy spring season starts.

Everyone is thinking of their spring projects. The honey do list starts to get longer and longer; like cleaning out the garage and sprucing up the yard then the landscape. Maybe some new flowers. In our world it is "fix the roof cause it leaked again this winter."

This year when you get you utility bill and after you pick your jaw up of the floor, you will think "what the heck?"

Honey, better get some more insulation in the attic. Even scarier, get up in that attic and see if it is dry. We are seeing tons of wet and going-to-be-moldy attics. This long hard winter is showing inefficiencies we've never seen before. Move the stuff out of the closet and get the ladder out and look up there. I dare you! If the under side of the roof has frost or is wet or turning black with mold, you have an issue. You need more insulation and or ventilation. Do not pass go or collect $200 but call a professional to fix it.

Like Frey!

How about insulating the wall and some new siding? If you ever thought of painting or changing the look of your home, adding insulation and house wrap is a must. This will be the last time to make your walls more efficient. Most of homes before the 80's were built with 2x4 walls so they are half as efficient as today's 2x6 walls. You need to be careful how you insulate as to not create moisture issues by adding some insulation but not enough. Thin insulation can actually trap moisture and not let your home breath. Today's house wraps are very important to let you home breath if done properly. If done properly they will reduce those pesky drafts. You need to make sure any water that gets behind your siding is able to get out. This takes some one to flash all the openings in your home properly. If not, the water that gets in will not get out. You will not know it till it is too late. That is why we see so much dry rot on homes today.

OK, lets talk about windows.

New windows are a great way to save money. If you are going to make them more efficient, don't fall for a cheap window. They are a waste of money. The quickest way to save money is to invest in a triple pane glass. This can quickly double the energy efficiency of the glass in the window. That little bit of money pays for it self very quickly. Now, the over all cost of the window should be spread out 20 years at least. Windows of today will last 10-50 years. Big range, yes, but it is all in how the are put together, how they are installed and the moisture level in your home. You must keep your moisture level in check. The lower the temperature, the lower the moisture level needs to be. Quick rule of thumb if you are walking around shocking everything you touch, bring the moisture level up. If your windows are frosty and sweaty, reduce the moisture. Run the fans to mix the moisture with the dry air in other areas of your home. Open up the window coverings everyday to let the air dry the moisture off the window. Run the bath and kitchen fans. In extreme cases just open the windows for a few minutes to drive some hot moist air out and let in some cold dry air. When buying windows you get what you pay for. Don't buy windows unless you are looking for an investment for the future.

Now get out side and look at your roof and gutters.

If the gutters are frozen full of ice, like most gutters are, we are going to have problems. When the snow melts or we start to get the so-wanted spring rains, where is that water going to go? If your gutters or downspouts are frozen, the water will spill over your gutters and then spill down on the frozen ground. It can now work itself back to your foundation where the water can work itself into your basement. Make sure you keep the snow away from your down spouts to prevent them from freezing up.

Like I said, Spring is almost here...get to work! You have a lot to look at.