What are the best replacement windows?


Scott Frey and our Window Division Manager, Mark Frey getting a tour and in-depth view at how windows are made.

Windows. Windows. Windows!

What are the best replacement windows? Just ask anyone who is selling windows. You’ll hear over and over from them what is the best… their windows.

What about warranties? Manufacturers that are confident about their products spell it out in the warranty. Check out the “big names” in windows. Their warranties stink! Most guarantee only 10 years on the window and 20 years on the glass. Seriously?! No one should have to replace windows after 10 years. Instead, we should be able to count on great energy efficiency from a tough window that will serve us for 20-30 years.

We’re serious about researching the products we use. We’re loyal to those who pass the test. And even though it’s no easy task to change products and distributors, we know it’s vital that we continuously revisit our options and source products with the very latest innovations. We start with industry recommendations and then do our own research to make sure our products stack up against the competition and work the way they’re supposed to!

I am all about well-built vinyl windows. They stand up to our Wisconsin climate, with up to triple pane glass to ensure the very best in energy efficiency. They last a good l-o-n-g time. And they look great, too! But what about folks who want natural wood indoors? Instead of vinyl, we’re talking wood that can be stained or even painted. This challenge got me looking for a cutting-edge product. A high-end window with vinyl on the outside and real hardwood on the inside. A window with top scores in energy efficiency and an unbeatable warranty.

It wasn't easy, but we found it. In fact, we’ve been teaming up with the manufacturer of our premium windows for a few years now. And this spring we felt it was time to tour the factory and meet the key people and owners of this Ohio-based company.

It was one of our best trips yet. This manufacture has it down to a science. Wow, were we impressed! We’re more confident than ever that we have the best window on the market for our Wisconsin weather.

See I told you… I sell windows, and of course mine are the best. Don't take my word for it! Stop in to see for yourself. Better yet, we will come to you and show you the difference.

Scott, along with Sales Consultant Katie Cook, Production Manager Jay Breunig, and our Window Division Manager Mark Frey took a trip to the factory where our Sherwood Windows are made.