Attic Ventilation & Insulation in the HOT Summertime


Are some areas of your home hot in the summer? Or cold in the winter? Sick of it? If you’re answering “Yes. Yes. Yes!” you’re not alone…

It’s summertime. Insulation in our homes tends to be on our minds when we’re trying to stay warm because the weather is cold. But during the balmy summer? Why think about it now?

At Frey Construction, we think it’s a HOT topic especially now. That’s because we know attic insulation can work for or against keeping your home comfortable during the winter AND summer months (and every month in between).

When summer temperatures soar, the outdoor heatwave moves indoors. Your attic becomes the hottest part of the house.

Without proper ventilation, the hot air is trapped there, between the insulation and the roof. Only an adequate, proper air flow can push that hot air outside. And without adequate, proper attic insulation, that hot air will seep into the sub-par version, eventually warming the ceilings and rooms below. The “Ventilation & Insulation Dynamic Duo” can do their stuff if you get them on board… Let us help!

Hot attic? Think it’s unavoidable? Think it’s no problem? Think again…!

According to the experts at GAF, if your attic is not properly ventilated, the space can reach more than 160 degrees Fahrenheit, particularly in the summer heat.

A HOT ATTIC shortens the life of the roof.
Asphalt shingles work hard, and absorb a lot of heat from the sun. Trapped attic heat beneath can make shingles lose essential bonding oils that protect against the elements. Bottom line: the shingles degrade more quickly.

A HOT ATTIC shrinks existing insulation.
You read that right. Certain types of insulation are affected by extreme heat. For example, cellulose (made from recycled materials) breaks down over time and becomes less effective. Bottom line: the insulation shrinks from the heat.

A HOT ATTIC overloads the HVAC system work harder.
It’s more of a challenge to cool your home in the summer. Your HVAC system doesn’t get a break. Bottom line: expect premature equipment failure.

A HOT ATTIC is unhealthy and even dangerous.
It can create an environment that’s perfect for mold to thrive. Bottom line: remediation can be mighty costly.

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