Are Replacement Windows Worth It?


When it comes to home improvement projects, replacing all of the windows on your home is no small task and it requires a significant financial investment. When you only have a finite portion of your budget to dedicate to home repairs and renovations, you want to make sure that you’re allocating your money wisely. However, installing replacement windows does come with a number of immense benefits, which we’ve listed below.

Are Replacement Windows Worth It

Energy Efficiency

First off, replacing your windows will likely boost your home’s energy efficiency. If your existing windows are single-pane and you replace them with double-pane windows, that alone can save you between $126 and $456 per year, according to ENERGY STAR®. And, if your current windows are cracked, or if the weatherstripping is worn out, your potential energy savings could be much more significant.

Increased Comfort

Beyond the financial benefit of having more energy-efficient windows, your home will probably be much more comfortable from day to day. Having windows that perform efficiently should help your home maintain a more consistent and comfortable interior temperature all year round, which can also help reduce strain on your HVAC system, thereby prolonging its life.

Eye-Catching Appearance

Perhaps one of the best benefits of having replacement windows installed, your home’s appearance — both inside and out — will be improved. Not only will this be more pleasant for you and your family as you go about your daily routine inside your home, but also on the exterior, your home will get a nice boost in curb appeal. If you decide to put your home on the market, this could be a great selling point.

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